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Last update: February 2023

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Before opening an account with European Trade (ETC International Trading LLC), you must read the documents belonging to (ETC International Trading LLC).

Please note that our documents may vary depending on the time period in which you are reading any of the documents. Some regulations may be changed/removed/improved, as part of refining & supplementing the terms of the documents. By opening an account with European Trade (ETC International Trading LLC), you agree to the criteria below.

  • Licence & Régulation
  • European Trade est une marque commerciale appartenant à ETC International Trading LLC
    ETC International Trading LLC est autorisée et réglementée par MISA (Mwali International Services Authority) (n° de licence T2023272).
  • Entreprise 
  • ETC International Trading LLC is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as an international trading company under registration number 24032022.
  • Security of funds
  • Client funds held within European Trade are kept in separate client accounts, and will never be used for operational expenses or commingled with European Trade's operating capital.
  • The amount of these funds varies only according to the client's trading activity, withdrawals or deposits of funds.​