cTrader Basics

The basics of the cTrader Trading platform
12 December 2023 by
cTrader Basics
European Trade

cTrader Platform

cTrader's user interface is designed to make trading simple and efficient, allowing you to access all the necessary tools and options directly from the main page of the application. All elements can be manipulated for a unique experience.


  • MENU: Allows you to switch between Trade, Copy, Automate, Analysis and Invite (recently added) to deposit or withdraw funds, and open cTrader Settings.

  • MARKET LIST : Allows you to select symbols.

  • SETTINGS: Access to main settings.

  • TOOLBAR: Provides access to several tools for configuring the user interface and graphics.

  • CHARTS: Here you find the graphics of the selected symbol. You can add as many charts as needed on the main screen, place orders and also manage open positions directly in the chart itself.

  • TRADERWATCH: Allows you to execute positions, manage positions, check balance, view transaction history, modify TP, SL. There is absolutely everything that is possible with the Tradewatch panel.

  • LINE STUDIES AND TOOLS: Allows you to switch between charting modes, configure market research, access drawing tools, take screenshots of charts and set price alerts.

  • STATUS BAR: Shows the current trading session, current time, server and proxy latencies.

  • ACCOUNT BAR: Allows you to switch between trading accounts linked to the current cTID.

  • SYMBOL PANEL: Allows you to create orders, access Market Depth (DoM), check Market Sentiment, Market Details, Reverse Rate, Market Times, Trading Statistics, Strike Funds and Links.


European Trade cTrader consists of 4 basic applications:
You can switch between them directly from the main menu on the left.

 Trade: The trading app with all the necessary tools for efficient and easy trading

 Copy : The Copy application is a feature for copying profitable trading strategies, but also for providing trading strategies to copy to benefit from remuneration.

 Automate : The automaton application is used to provide trading robots (Algorithms), indicators and perform automated trading operations.

 Analysis: In-depth analysis of your performance for each trading account. 


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