Trading Robots Week 3/52 (2024)

The results of the Trading Robots from European Trade from 15-01-2024 to 21-01-2024.
24 January 2024 by
Trading Robots Week 3/52 (2024)
European Trade

Trading Robots

The Expert Advisors, commonly referred to as "Trading Robots," developed by European Trade, are high-end algorithms available for all traders, and most importantly, for all types of traders.

EA BLUE START and ​EA ARIANE V2 have been programmed by our experts in algorithmic trading. By investing in any of the Expert Advisors, you are investing in the security and growth of capital.

Trading Robots Results (15-01-24 to 21-01-24)

For complete transparency, the results of European Trade's Expert Advisors are made fully accessible to the public in a comprehensive manner.

EA ARIANE V2 Resulys

The EA ARIANE V2 demonstrated a performance of +4.74% over a 5-day period. .

You can find all the results directly on the profile of​​​​EA ARIAN​E V2.
Or directly on ​​MyFxBook.

Copy now EA ARIANE V2  


The EA BLUE START demonstrated a performance of +2.72% over a 5-day period..

You can find all the results directly on the profile of​​EA BLUE START.
Or directly on ​​MyFxBook.

Copy now EA BLUE START  


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