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The specifications of the charts on cTrader
27 December 2023 by
cTrader Charts
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The charts cTrader include a variety of 14 different timeframes, such as 2 minutes, 4 minutes, and 12 hours. This diversity aims to cater to the needs of all trading strategies, allowing traders to have a maximum perspective on their positions. 

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to explore the charts through 6 distinct zoom levels. 

This feature provides a detailed and comprehensive perspective of the market..

Technical analysis

Traders have access to all the necessary tools to conduct in-depth technical analysis, including indicators, oscillators, volatility measures, and other key elements, all directly accessible from the chart.

The manipulation of these tools is intuitive, making it easy to plot, modify, and move them. Our analyses automatically adapt to the chart's timeline and zoom level, providing a personalized experience.

The toolbar for technical indicators can be positioned flexibly, either on the left or right side of the chart, providing optimal access according to your trading style.


One-click or double-click trading is available at the top of each chart. Choose the size of your order and click on Sell or Buy. The order will be executed instantly in the market. The execution speed provides fast and efficient trading, even during periods of high volatility.

Detachable Chart

Each chart can be detached to operate in an independent window, providing options for full-screen viewing and resizable windows.

Customizable Chart

The charts are completely customizable.
Everything is customizable:

  • Background Colors
  • Background Picture
  • Color of Japanese candlesticks, line, sidebar.
  • Chart type (Japanese candlestick, bar, line, dashed, area, and HLC).
  • Template

Multi Charts

The cTrader charting is designed for all types of traders. Upon entering cTrader, you will be presented with three layout templates (Single-Chart, Multi-Chart, and Detached Chart) and three different arrangements, allowing you to display the markets exactly as you prefer. It is possible to customize the charts to your liking by displaying multiple charts on your screen.

It is possible to share your analyses with other traders by directly posting your charts on forums or on social media using the ChartShot function.


In conclusion, cTrader charts are very comprehensive and detailed. This is one of the reasons why many traders opt for cTrader instead of another platform.

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