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The cTrader Copy feature on the cTrader trading platform?
25 December 2023 by
cTrader Copy
European Trade

What is cTrader Copy ?

cTrader Copy is a commitment-free social trading platform that enables investors to select a trading strategy from successful traders and automatically replicate it in real-time.In return, strategy providers earn commissions charged to investors.

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cTrader Copy represents a crucial component of the trading platform cTrader..

The cTrader Copy feature is fully integrated into European Trade cTrader, operating as a flexible investment platform. All traders can become strategy providers and authorize the automatic copying of their trading account to other traders, charging performance, management, and volume fees. 

Investors have the opportunity to learn more and analyze statistics on the strategies offered by traders. After choosing which strategy to copy, the replication begins with just a few clicks.

Users Benefits


  • At the heart of a social trading platform, providing exposure to thousands of traders.

  • No induction period - start broadcasting from day one.

  • Choose the amount of commission to charge your copiers.

  • Receive your commission every month.

  • Embed your strategy page directly into your website using HTML.

  • Make your strategy private or public based on your business needs.


  • Copy profitable and experienced traders.

  • Maintain control: start and stop copying a strategy at any time.

  • Risk management settings to protect your account.

  • Full transparency, showing complete history and open positions.

  • In-depth analytics with detailed charts to help you find the right strategy.

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.

Advanced Analytics

The charts visually display Time Weighted Return on Investment (Time Weighted ROI) or the balance compared to equity (Balance vs Equity).

Explore the distribution of traded symbols and the history of followers.

Charts can be adjusted for specific time periods. 

Strategy profiles include detailed tables of statistics providing rich information and in-depth insights into performance.

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Equity to Equity

When you start copying, the positions that are currently open on the provider's account are immediately opened on the investor's account.

The volume (lots) to be copied is based on the equity-to-equity ratio according to the amount allocated to the strategy. An investor can set an Equity Stop Loss to completely stop the copying when the equity falls below a certain level.

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Watch our video to understand cTrader Copy

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