Copy a Strategy on cTrader

How to copy a Strategy on cTrader Copy ?
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Copy a Strategy on cTrader
European Trade

Copy a Strategy

Once logged in with your European Trade cTrader account and after creating a demo or live account, you can start copying any strategy as an investor.

Demo accounts use virtual funds, but you can still use them to copy strategies from real accounts (if allowed by the strategy provider). Real accounts involve the use of actual funds but can still be used to copy demo strategies.

After clicking on the Copy tab, the list of your accounts will appear. You can click on the three dots to open the account settings menu and become a strategy provider yourself. The entire process of providing and managing the strategy is explained in this section. this article.

How to Copy Strategies

Demo strategies are marked with the Start Copying icon in blue, and copying is, of course, always free.

Real strategies are marked with the Start Copying icon in green, and copying may incur charges if the strategy provider imposes commissions. The commissions are very low.

1. To start copying a strategy and move to the next step, click on "Start Copying.

1. After clicking on Start Copying, a window will appear: 
- Select your account with which to invest funds in the strategy. 
- Enter the amount of funds to invest. 
- Consider the fees charged by the strategy provider, as well as the terms and conditions.

Finish by clicking on Start Copying.


Manage a Copy Account

Now, your funds are allocated to a special copy-trading account, and this account replicates the chosen strategy..

You can review your investment statistics per strategy on dedicated pages accessible in the accounts list.

Once your funds are allocated, you can withdraw them at any time. Keep in mind that cTrader operates on the principle of equity-to-equity, meaning position sizes depend on your capital. If you're investing in a profitable strategy, it's generally advisable to let your account continue copying the strategy over the long term.


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