cTrader Mobil Application

L'application European Trade cTrader c'est le trading nouvelle génération.
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cTrader Mobil Application
European Trade

cTrader Application

Traders can access their trading account from anywhere thanks to the cTrader applications for iOS and Android. Both versions of the application have been developed to make usage as simple as possible, reducing the time needed for understanding and learning theapplication. Theapplication It is available in 22 different languages and in light and dark versions.


Traders can benefit from smooth, manipulable, responsive, and bug-free charts. The charts can also be moved in any direction, allowing traders to effectively utilize the 26 timeframes and 50 indicators available in the application.

The use of charts has been enhanced to make trading from a mobile device efficient, and not just a means to open and close positions. All graphical manipulations available on the desktop version are also present in the mobile application.


  The application has been designed to facilitate trading with intuitive commands. Open your positions with a single click using "QuickTrade," where your orders are immediately placed in the market. Choose your lot size and click Buy or Sell.

it is also possible to submit Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, and Sell Limit orders with a single button. You

Symbols Tools

Traders stay informed about symbol-related information through various tools provided for each symbol. This allows traders to access all important information regarding symbols, consolidated in one place.

Traders can view information such as live market sentiment, charts, economic calendar, market depth, links to external information sources, and trading history.

Trading History

The Application​ European Trade cTrader rovides a comprehensive history of executed transactions, closed positions, and placed orders, ensuring transparency in the trader's trading activity. By clicking on any transaction in the list, the application navigates to a dedicated page containing all the details of the transaction.


Traders can receive in-app notifications regarding the status of their orders, price alerts, information about symbol statuses, and much more. In-app notifications have their dedicated space. When multiple notifications are received for the same type of event, they will be grouped to avoid spam.


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