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The new "Invite" feature of cTrader
2 January 2024 by
cTrader Invite Partnership
European Trade

cTrader Invite

cTrader Invite is not just a simple application on European Trade cTrader, it is a tool that allows partners to attract and convert new traders, thereby earning commissions. This application streamlines the conversion of potential new traders by strengthening loyalty to the European Trade cTraderplatform.

In the "Invite" tab, you can find various types of invitation links, such as those leading to the trading platform itself, to orders and positions, to copy strategies from cTrader Copy, to price alerts, to your chart analyses, or even to cBots. With these links, potential traders can open an account and thus become your affiliates.

Statistics cTrader Invite

The statistics show you the tracking of your shared links: the number of clicks on your links, the number of sign-ups, your earned commissions, the trades of your affiliates, the number of lots traded, the symbols traded, and many other statistics!

Benefits for new traders

New traders who click on a shared link are directly directed to European Trade cTrader, the most innovative platform and application in recent years. Traders will thus have access to all the features offered by cTrader, and they are numerous... (Trading, Chart Streams, advanced analysis tools, cTrader Copy, cBot, Automate, etc.).

The links redirect to mobile applications, software, and the web version, meaning that traders discovering cTrader are likely toopen a wen account via the partner's link.

Furthermore, a trader who discovers cTrader is a fulfilled trader.

Benefits for partners

All users have direct access to their invitation links so they can share them with everyone. From the simple link leading to the cTrader platform to links pointing to other products/features. This allows users to easily attract new traders.

Moreover, cTrader Invite creates a personal profile page for each user, including their trading statistics, contact information, and offered services. This profile can be used as a free promotional page that showcases who you are, your achievements and offers, as well as the benefits invited traders can gain from partnering with you. By personalizing your profile and presenting your services, you capture the interest of your referrals and foster their trust.


Each link you share from the European Trade cTrader includes your username, allowing cTrader to reference the new trader to the assigned partner. When an invited trader decides to open a trading account, they are redirected to the broker's website via your broker attribution link to finalize the referral creation process.

Once potential traders are converted, you can maintain their interest and loyalty by updating your partner profile page, sharing your copy strategies, links to your chart analyses, algorithms, and chart streams. The diverse internal tools of cTrader and its robust ecosystem contribute to sustaining their interest, helping you expand your own user base.  

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